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How Much is My Dixie Fire Claim Worth? Part 1: Homeowner’s Dwelling and Real Property

August 29, 2021 Posted In

A Dixie Fire survivor can make a claim against PG&E for many different aspects of their loss.  These hypotheticals discuss a homeowner’s real property claim only. They demonstrate that a claimant who desires to rebuild his property is generally entitled to substantially more “new money” (money in addition to insurance) than one who does not….

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Podcasts: Mike Danko Talks About PG&E Wildfire Claims with Eric Bersano

August 27, 2021 Posted In

Eric Bersano talks with Mike Danko about Wildfire Claims litigation against PG&E.   Read the Transcript:   In this episode of Esquire University I interview attorney Mike Danko about California wildfire litigation. Mike has been handling these cases for years, and give some really good insights as to how someone who is affected by a…

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What Can I Claim For The Loss the Dixie Fire Caused My Restaurant?

August 24, 2021 Posted In

The Dixie Fire reached Greenville on August 4th and destroyed the commercial district at the heart of the town center.  In all, the Dixie Fire destroyed 131 businesses. Many PG&E wildfire survivors ask us about their legal claim for damages to their business. A damaged restaurant may assert many of the same claims as an…

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Inverse Condemnation and PG&E Wildfires

August 22, 2021 Posted In

When PG&E’s electrical lines spark a fire, and the fire damages someone’s real or personal property, PG&E must pay for the damage.  It must pay even if it did nothing wrong.  That’s because of the legal doctrine of “inverse condemnation,” a doctrine somewhat unique to California. Condemnation.  We have all heard of “condemnation.”  That’s when…

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Dixie Fire Similar to Zogg Fire: PG&E’s Potential Criminal Liability

August 21, 2021 Posted In

The Zogg Fire began in September 2020, when a gray pine tree grew into and touched a PG&E 12 kV electrical transmission line north of Igo. That ignited a fire that destroyed 204 buildings and killed four people.  The remains of the grey pine was seized by investigators as evidence, who finally announced this past…

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