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We take on corporations, government agencies, and insurance companies who injure ordinary people. We’re known for taking cases all the way through trial and winning. That’s important even for those clients who prefer to avoid court because it’s our reputation for winning at trial that encourages defendants to settle out-of-court.

We leave no stone unturned. In many cases, finding the proof means questioning hundreds of witnesses and unearthing thousands of documents. We don’t stop until we figure out exactly what happened, and why. Then we hold the wrongdoers accountable, no matter how powerful those wrongdoers may be.

We’ve been named one of the Best Law Firms in America by US News & World Report.  Our award-winning lawyers are consistently listed among California’s elite. We’re frequently the choice of other lawyers and judges who need personal injury attorneys.

Most people never imagine that one day they would bring a lawsuit. But we will explain the process and guide you through each step.

We care about our clients. And by entrusting us with their claims, our clients help make sure that what happened to them won’t happen again to someone else.

People choose us because we win — our success rate is better than 99%. Consultations are confidential and free.
Representative Cases
  • $14.9 million jury verdict for passenger injured during single-engine aircraft crash landing
  • $2.6 million settlement for a policy holder whose insurance company wrongfully refused to pay $225,000 in medical bills
  • $10 million court judgment against a large developer for the breach of a promise to timely fund $400,000 escrow
  • $20 million settlement for a pedestrian injured by a utility explosion
  • $9.8 million jury verdict for a woman injured in a snowboarding accident
  • $11 million settlement for passenger injured in fire
  • $2.9 million jury verdict against a maintenance facility for a pilot injured in helicopter crash
  • $9.5 million jury verdict against the State of California for the family of bicyclist killed in crosswalk
  • $10 million jury verdict for the widow of a pilot killed in a helicopter crash
  • $10 million confidential settlement against manufacturer for woman injured by consumer product
  • $32.5 million wrongful death settlement in case arising from foreign plane crash
  • $2.2 million court judgment against state of Hawai’i for a bicyclist who fell after hitting a road hazard
  • $12 million wrongful death settlement against maintenance facility in helicopter crash case
  • $50 million court judgment against a candy manufacturer for the wrongful death of child
  • $9.75 million settlement for a family injured in the crash of a tour helicopter
  • $13.3 million jury verdict for family of 67-year-old pilot killed in crash of single-engine Cessna
  • $15 million settlement for wrongful death
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