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Why Do Some Doctors Fail to Diagnose Brain Injuries?

September 7, 2021 Posted In

With each passing year, scientific and technological breakthroughs transform the future of medicine and health. Notably, there have been significant developments in diagnostic tests—such as high-end MRI scans—that can help identify serious brain injuries. Nevertheless, many individuals find that there are still significant gaps in care that can lead to a medical professional failing to…

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Dixie Fire: Should I Hire a Public Adjuster?

September 6, 2021 Posted In

Dealing with your insurance carrier after a wildfire can be time consuming and emotionally stressful.  Some folks end up hiring a public adjuster to handle their insurance claim for them.  A public adjuster is skilled at maximizing the client’s recovery against the client’s insurance carrier while making the whole insurance claims process easier on the…

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How Much is my Dixie Fire Claim Worth? Part 2: Renters  

September 5, 2021 Posted In

Renters can claim against PG&E the value of personal property lost, less any insurance payments they have received for that property.  That math is usually fairly straightforward.  But in addition, renters can claim against PG&E for: The emotional stress suffered because of having to evacuate The emotional stress, annoyance, and inconvenience of being out of…

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Dixie Fire: What Can Be Claimed For Property Loss

September 3, 2021 Posted In

A Dixie Fire claim can cover losses that a homeowners policy either doesn’t cover or doesn’t cover fully. Generally, the homeowner insurance policy covers five components: Dwelling, Other structures (detached items such as your garage or shed) Personal property, Landscape, and Loss-of-use. The landscape coverage is seldom sufficient as it is usually limited to a…

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FEMA and the Dixie Fire

September 1, 2021 Posted In

The Dixie Fire having now been declared a federal disaster, FEMA aid is now available for its survivors.  FEMA can provide money for things like temporary housing, food, emergency repairs, and certain personal property losses.  FEMA aid is also available in the form of emergency loans. There are a couple of catches.  The first is…

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