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Boeing CEO At Loss When Confronted With Danko’s Commentary

November 1, 2019 Posted In

In June, Mike Danko told Business Insider that Boeing’s legal team was trying to move the lawsuits brought by the 737 Max families from Chicago to Ethiopia and Indonesia where, according to Danko, they’d be virtually worthless.  When Boeing’s CEO, Dennis Muilenburg, appeared before Congress to testify about the Max, he was asked about Boeing’s legal strategy. Boeing’s CEO claimed that he was “not familiar” with the details.

Congressman DeFazio was incredulous. He pointed to the Business Insider Article article and quoted Danko’s comments:

“. . .this expert says “Having a trial in a another country, with a different legal culture, less scope for close scrutiny of Boeing, would render the cases ‘worthless.'”

DeFazio could not believe that Boeing’s CEO was not aware of his own company’s legal strategy given that, to find the article, “This took me 30 seconds with a Google search.”

Hear the Boeing CEO’s testimony here.