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Andreini Case Forces Air Force to Change Safety Procedures

April 30, 2018 Posted In

Hall of Fame Aerobatic Pilot Eddie Andreini crashed on the runway while preforming at the Travis Air Force Base. He survived the impact, but it took the Air Force rescue crews more than four minutes to reach him. Andreini died in the post-crash fire. When they couldn’t get answers from Travis brass, Eddie’s family sued…

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Danko Meredith Proves The NTSB Wrong in Cessna Crash Case

November 8, 2016 Posted In

The National Transportation Safety Board chalked up the fatal Cessna crash to pilot error. The pilot’s family hired the firm to investigate. Danko Meredith proved the NTSB wrong in court, proving the crash was the result of an unapproved part having been installed in the aircraft. The jury rendered a $13 million verdict against the…

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Kristine Meredith featured in Plaintiff Magazine

May 28, 2016 Posted In

Kristine Meredith: She not only loves researching the facts, but knows how to make them understandable to a jury A funny thing happened to Kristine Meredith on her way to becoming a schoolteacher. She earned a law degree and used her dream of being a teacher to develop a thriving career as a plaintiff’s trial…

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Germanwings Crash: Payouts of More Than $10 million Per Family Would Be Expected in US

March 30, 2015 Posted In

The New York Times asks Mike Danko about the international treaty governing foreign airline flights and how jurisdictional issues can affect the compensation to which the families would be entitled. “In the United States, families could expect payouts of more than $10 million, depending on a person’s specific circumstances, age, occupation and earning power, according…

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