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Danko says Zogg Fire Result of Bad PG&E Management

November 8, 2020 Posted In

“A veteran of legal fights with PG&E, Danko said the latest fire appears to be another effect of poor decisions made by company executives years ago. ‘PG&E right now is definitely still, without question, a work in progress,’ Danko said. ‘We’re still suffering the fallout from a long history of very bad management. … The…

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Kincade Fire: Criminal Charges Possible

July 17, 2020 Posted In

Cal Fire rules that PG&E caused the Kincade Fire. Mike Danko tells KRON4 what the finding means for Kincade fire victims as well as the survivors of the Butte Fire, the North Bay Fire, and the Camp Fire. “Did PG&E learn nothing from the Camp Fire?” Watch online.

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95% of Firm Clients Vote to Approve PG&E Plan, Despite “Deep Flaws”

May 16, 2020 Posted In

“Most of the clients had reservations about it, because the plan is badly flawed,” Danko said. “However, they also understood quite clearly that there was no alternative.” Rejecting the plan would mean “thermonuclear meltdown,” Danko said. Read San Francisco Chronicle Article Online.

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Danko Warns: “There Is No Plan B”

April 1, 2020 Posted In

Some wildfire victims are campaigning to defeat PG&E’s plan to pay victims $13.5 billion in stock and cash and exit bankruptcy.  They fear the stock value is too uncertain and want to vote against the plan and attempt to renegotiate the deal. “The only way for fire victims to get a fair deal is to…

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