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Did an electric utility company cause the fire that destroyed your property? 

July 26, 2023 Posted In

Fires can cause devastating damage to both property and lives, and the aftermath can be difficult to deal with. If you were affected by a fire and you think that it may have been caused by an electric utility company, there are steps you can take. 

What to do if you suspect that an electric utility company caused the fire that affected you 

  1. Contact an experienced lawyer: If you suspect an electric utility company caused the fire, you’ll want to contact a lawyer who has experience with this type of case. A skilled electric utility attorney will review the details of the incident and determine if there is enough evidence to file a lawsuit against the utility company.
  1. Gather relevant information: Collect all relevant documents and information about the fire, including details about the damages, your medical records if you sustained injuries, insurance paperwork, and any photographs of your property prior to the fire.
  1. Keep track of expenses: Keep a record of all expenses related to the fire, including any medical bills, living expenses, and other out-of-pocket expenses. 

Potential Causes of Electrical Fires 

There are several ways an electric utility company may cause an electrical fire which includes: 

  1. Lack of Maintenance: If the electric utility company fails to maintain and repair the electric lines and equipment, it can cause sparks or high heat that ignite a fire.
  1. Unsafe Installation and Repair: If the electric utility company makes errors during installation or repair, it can lead to overheating or short-circuiting of electrical systems, which can result in a fire.
  1. Failure to Consider the Circumstances: If electric power lines come into contact with flammable materials like vegetation, it can lead to a fire. When conditions are dry or windy, many utilities will turn off the power to ensure their lines don’t start a fire. 


If you were affected by a wildfire and you think that an electric utility company is to blame, don’t wait to take action. Be sure to gather all relevant information about the incident, keep track of your expenses and contact an experienced electric utility attorney who can help you pursue compensation for your losses. While the process may be complex and take time, it may be worth it to get the justice you deserve.