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FEMA and the Dixie Fire

September 1, 2021 Posted In

The Dixie Fire having now been declared a federal disaster, FEMA aid is now available for its survivors.  FEMA can provide money for things like temporary housing, food, emergency repairs, and certain personal property losses.  FEMA aid is also available in the form of emergency loans.

There are a couple of catches.  The first is that aid is available only for uninsured or underinsured losses.  So if you lost personal property that is covered under your homeowner’s policy, FEMA won’t pay for it.  Similarly, if you have coverage for Alternative Living Expenses, FEMA won’t provide temporary housing benefits.

Second, you have to repay to FEMA any benefits you receive out of the proceeds of any Dixie Fire claim settlement.  So, for those bringing a Dixie Fire claim, the FEMA aid is more of a loan than a grant.

Deadline for registering is October 15.

To apply: Visit

FEMA will ask you for information concerning your insurance situation.  After you’ve registered, FEMA will get back in touch with you concerning your eligibility.

Be scrupulously honest in dealing with FEMA.  Survivors of past PG&E fires have been prosecuted for submitting applications that, according to FEMA, weren’t quite forthright.