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Mike Danko Q&A About PG&E Wildfires

November 21, 2019 Posted In
Attorney Mike Danko gives answers to common questions he hears about PG&E wildfires in California.  How did we get into this mess? When properly maintained, electrical equipment is safe and won’t start fires. But years ago, PG&E learned that it was cheaper to pay off those people who lose their property in a PG&E fire...
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PG&E Power Shut-Offs: How We Got Here And What We Can Do

November 3, 2019 Posted In
KRON4's Sanaz Tahernia asks Mike Danko how we came to be in this position and what we can do about it.   [caption id="attachment_1896" align="aligncenter" width="438"] PG&E Shifts Costs to Customers[/caption]
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Boeing CEO At Loss When Confronted With Danko’s Commentary

November 1, 2019 Posted In
In June, Mike Danko told Business Insider that Boeing's legal team was trying to move the lawsuits brought by the 737 Max families from Chicago to Ethiopia and Indonesia where, according to Danko, they'd be virtually worthless.  When Boeing's CEO, Dennis Muilenburg, appeared before Congress to testify about the Max, he was asked about...
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CBS News Asks Mike Danko About PG&E Claims Deadline

October 30, 2019 Posted In
Mike Danko tells CBS news that the deadline for wildfire victims to file their claims in PG&E's bankruptcy proceeding should be extended. "It's not that people didn't have time, but that people don't have the information and haven't been reached," said Mike Danko, an attorney who represents 6,000 victims of wildfires. "I have a...
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PG&E’s Bankruptcy “Benefits Shareholders At Victims’ Expense”

October 6, 2019 Posted In
Mike Danko explains how PG&E seeks to limit legitimate claims by imposing a deadline that is too short for many victims. Overwhelmed or Ill Informed, 70,000 Wildfire Victims May Get Nothing Read the New York Times article on line.
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