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Mike Danko Talks to WSJ About Federal PG&E Monitor’s Report

August 14, 2019 Posted In

Danko says that the federal monitor’s report highlights the continuing risk that PG&E equipment could spark another wildfire. Read the full Wall Street Journal article online.  

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Allowing Investors to Own Utility Is “Contrary to Safety”

July 31, 2019 Posted In

To Danko, allowing an electric utility like PG&E to be owned by investors is “totally contrary to the interests of safety.” Click here to read more.

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Bell Helicopter Case Yields Clue in Murder Investigation

June 30, 2019 Posted In

Tom Wales, a federal prosecutor, was shot and killed in his Seattle home. Wales had been prosecuting a case involving a Bell Helicopter — an odd case which seemed as mysterious as his murder.  Though the murder took place in 2001, Rod Rosenstein announced a few months ago that the murder investigation is still active. …

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Boeing’s Hardball Strategy Could Leave Victims’ Families With Nothing

June 10, 2019 Posted In

Mike Danko: Seeking to move litigation from the US to the country where a crash occurred is a common strategy in air disaster cases that, if successful, can leave families with nothing. Read the full Business Insider article online.

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PG&E’s Proposed Bonus Program Prioritizes Profits Over Safety

April 25, 2019 Posted In
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