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PG&E’s Bankruptcy “Benefits Shareholders At Victims’ Expense”

October 6, 2019 Posted In

Mike Danko explains how PG&E seeks to limit legitimate claims by imposing a deadline that is too short for many victims. Overwhelmed or Ill Informed, 70,000 Wildfire Victims May Get Nothing Read the New York Times article on line.

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Court of Appeal Affirms $9.5 Million Crosswalk Verdict

October 3, 2019 Posted In

The California Court of Appeal rejected Caltrans’s argument that the jury should not have been told of an accident at a crosswalk 20 miles from where Chris Chandler was killed. Though the crosswalk was far from Chandler’s, it was similar enough that the accident there should have put Caltrans on notice that such crosswalks were…

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Mike Danko Comments on Tubbs Trial and Plunging PG&E Shares

August 19, 2019 Posted In

Mike Danko tells the San Francisco Chronicle that PG&E’s liability for the Tubbs Fire alone could reach $18 billion. “ The best way of forcing the issue of reasonable negotiations is to have a Tubbs Fire trial looming.” Read the full San Francisco Chronicle article online.

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Mike Danko Comments To Wall Street Journal On Federal PG&E Monitor Report

August 14, 2019 Posted In

Danko says that the federal monitor’s report highlights the continuing risk that PG&E equipment could spark another wildfire. Read the full Wall Street Journal article online.  

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Allowing Electric Utility To Be Owned By Investors Is “Contrary to Safety”

July 31, 2019 Posted In

To Danko, allowing an electric utility like PG&E to be owned by investors is “totally contrary to the interests of safety.” Click here to read more.

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