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PG&E’s Proposed Bonus Program Prioritizes Profits Over Safety

April 25, 2019 Posted In
PG&E has asked the bankruptcy judge to approve an employee bonus program that rewards employees more for boosting PG&E’s bottom line that for making the electrical system safe.  We object.  
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PG&E’s Pledge to Compensate Fire Victims Not to be Trusted

April 25, 2019 Posted In
PG&E told he bankruptcy judge today that its goal in bankruptcy is to establish a fund against which wildfire victims can make a claim. Lawyers for PG&E's victims explain why PG&E is not to be trusted.  Watch the news clips.
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Kristine Meredith featured in Plaintiff Magazine

May 28, 2016 Posted In
Kristine Meredith: She not only loves researching the facts, but knows how to make them understandable to a jury A funny thing happened to Kristine Meredith on her way to becoming a schoolteacher. She earned a law degree and used her dream of being a teacher to develop a thriving career as a plaintiff’s...
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Mike Danko featured in Plaintiff Magazine

May 28, 2013 Posted In
Mike Danko: Aviation-law specialist takes flight from big defense firm to make his mark in plaintiffs’ trial law. It would be easy to say one client changed Mike Danko’s life. But it wouldn’t be entirely accurate. The truth is that one client – a victim in a wrongful-death case – opened a door to...
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