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Main Causes of General Aviation Accidents

The overwhelming majority of general aviation accidents are avoidable. Yet, the general aviation accident rate remains relatively constant from year to year. At Danko Meredith, Trial Lawyers, we understand why general aviation aircraft crash, and we prove who is responsible. We have years of experience in determining the cause of plane accidents not just in California but throughout the world. Contact us for your free consultation.

Why Choose Our Firm?

  • We win. Our record of verdicts and settlements in aviation cases is unmatched.
  • We never give up in our search to find out the truth about an accident’s cause. We don’t take the NTSB’s word for what happened.
  • We do not charge attorney’s fees unless we secure a settlement or judgment award for the client.

What Are the Main Causes of General Aviation Accidents?

The main cause of fatal general aircraft accidents include:

  • The Pilot’s loss of control of the aircraft while in close proximity to the runway. Yes, the takeoff and landing have always been and remains the most dangerous parts of the flight.
  • Controlled flight into terrain (“CFIT”) The pilot flies a perfectly good aircraft into the terrain or the water, usually because he or she becomes preoccupied with something else in the cockpit, or because weather or darkness obstructs the pilot’s vision.
  • Engine Failure. Often due to an engine defect or poor maintenance practices. The number one cause of engine failures, however, is that the pilot either ran out of gas or selected a fuel tank that was empty
  • Improper Low Altitude Operations. A pilot hits either an obstruction or the ground because he or she is showing off.
  • Air traffic control error. An air traffic controller provides a pilot with improper information concerning, for example, the weather that lies ahead.  Or, sadly, the controller directs two aircraft to the same point in space and time. In cases of air traffic controller error, victims or their families may bring a case against the United States government under the Federal Tort Claims Act.
  • Improper Flight in Instrument Meteorological Conditions. A properly trained pilot, flying an aircraft equipped for adverse weather, makes a mistake or series of mistakes while operating in the clouds that lead to a loss of control of the aircraft. Often the pilot’s over-reliance on cockpit automation plays a role.
  • VFR flight into Instrument Meteorological Conditions. A pilot who is not qualified to fly in instrument conditions wanders into the clouds and loses control of the aircraft.
  • Systems Failure. The aircraft’s navigational equipment fails in poor weather.
  • Severe Weather. Severe weather, such as thunderstorms, can be deadly.

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Danko Meredith Trial Lawyers has the personnel, resources, and experience to build your aviation crash case. We understand why general aviation aircraft crash. No California firm has more aviation experience or a better record. Start your case with a free consultation with one of our California aviation accident attorneys. Fill out our contact form or call (650) 453-3600.