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Mill Fire Survivors

How Can the Danko Meredith Attorneys Help Me? 

Danko Meredith and Our Goal to Our Clients

Danko Meredith Trial Lawyers have decades of experience and knowledge in taking on big corporations and businesses to hold them responsible for their negligence particularly when they cause wildfires. Danko Meredith has diligently worked with thousands of wildfire victims to pursue the maximum recovery possible for their damages. We have represented homeowners, tenants, and property owners impacted by the San Bruno natural gas explosion, the Butte Fire, the North Bay Fires, the Camp Fire, and the Thomas Fire. Our clients have received hundreds of millions of dollars in recovery for our clients.

As an award-winning Law Firm, we are backed by a strong team of attorneys, legal experts, paralegals, and client specialists who guide our clients step-by-step through what can be an intimidating process. We ensure confidence and trust in our mission to pursue maximum recovery for their damages.

How Long Will a Mill Fire Lawsuit Take?

What does a hypothetical timeline look like for a wildfire lawsuit like this and how does it work?

All wildfire lawsuits are different, but our experience of representing individuals suing to recover damages caused by wildfires suggests some claims would be settled within three years while others may proceed to trial from the date of the Mill Fire. This timeline can, of course, be impacted by a number of factors.

Lawsuit Filed – Within weeks of beginning the representation of a client.

Roseburg Forest Products responds to Lawsuit in Court – Typically within 6 to 8 weeks of the lawsuit being filed the defendant is required to answer.

Lawsuits assigned to a single judge – Given the large number of victims after a large wildfire, the court usually assigns all of the lawsuits to a single judge to manage within 2 months of Roseburg Forest Products’ filing an answer in court.

CalFire releases evidence – Depending upon the investigation, we would expect CalFire would release evidence for inspection around 6 months after the Mill Fire.

Witness testimony – Fire victims’ attorneys would likely require Roseburg Forest Products to produce witnesses for questioning and documents for examination around 4 months after the lawsuits are assigned to a judge.

Documenting the damage – Mill Fire victims’ attorneys begin preparing evidence of the damages suffered by clients within weeks of a lawsuit being filed.

Preparation of the client’s claim for compensation includes obtaining information about the client’s properties, what the clients experienced in fleeing the fire and what their life has become after the fire, and documenting the damages suffered by clients by using expert witnesses, including depending upon the circumstances structure rebuild experts, forestry and vegetation experts, erosion experts, property appraisal experts, and mental health experts.

Settlement discussions – Typically within about 18 months of a lawsuit being filed we expect Roseburg Forest Products to engage in settlement discussions. We carry on with trial preparations in the event Roseburg refuses to treat the victims fairly.

Obtain trial date – We seek a trial date from the court at the first opportunity to do so. Having a trial date will keep Roseburg focused on resolving our client’s claims.

Proceed to a trial – If the client is unsatisfied with any settlement offers that have been made, we stand ready to take the case to a jury to decide, typically within 36 months of the Mill Fire.

Your Damages Don’t Stop Even After the Fire is Out

If you are a victim of the Mill Fire, it is essential to document all fire-related costs. This is because some of your damages continue even after the fire is out. There are displacement costs and damages related to the fact that you are unable to live in your home. Some or most of these damages are recoverable if the claim is framed the correct way. It is, therefore, important that your attorneys know what they are doing. Our goal is to help lighten your load and to physically and mentally allow you to get your life back on track knowing you have an ally on your side. Our team works to build relationships with our clients, with one-on-one meetings, communication, updates, and property visits to assess damages.

Pursuing Maximum Benefit

With our experience in wildfire cases, we work diligently to pursue the maximum recovery for our clients. With an overall 99% success rate for our clients’ claims in court, Danko Meredith provides you the assurance, reliability, and trust you need to protect your rights and recover the damages you have suffered.