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Palo Alto Burn Injury Attorney

Burn wounds can be among the most catastrophic and traumatic injuries a person can sustain and often result in surgery, hospitalization, and rehabilitation. Over 450,000 serious burn injuries occur each year in the United States, many of which result from another party’s negligence. Of those burns treated in the emergency room, roughly 3,400 are fatal. It’s so important, in this case, that you get in touch with a skilled Palo Alto burn injury lawyer if you or a family member is a victim of a severe burn injury due to another at-fault party.

Whether your injury is the result of an accidental burn at a bonfire, a burn caused by a hazard, or a chemical burn from an unsafe product, an experienced burn injury attorney may be able to help ensure you’re compensated for any lost wages, medical bills, and psychological trauma from the event. At Danko Meredith, our knowledgeable team of legal professionals has experience helping burn injury victims and is dedicated to fighting for your rights.

Common Types of Burn Injuries

There are five principal types of burn injuries. Here’s what you need to know about each:

  • Thermal burn: Thermal burns occur by directly contacting heated objects such as hot water, steam, cooking oil, grease, hot surfaces, and fire.
  • Chemical burn: A chemical burn occurs when your skin or eyes come in contact with acidic or alkaline chemicals. Burns can also occur when someone inhales or eats these substances.
  • Electrical burn: If your body comes into direct contact with electricity, the current may cause an electrical shock or burn. This is most common when working with wires or tools that aren’t adequately insulated.
  • Radiation burn: A radiation burn is damage to the skin or other biological tissue and organs due to thermal radiation, radiofrequency energy, ultraviolet light, or ionizing radiation.
  • Cold burn: Cold burns—such as frostbite—occur as a result of skin coming into contact with extremely cold objects. This causes damage to the skin and the underlying tissue, leaving the area with blisters or tissue damage.

It’s important to note that any burn injury can have painful and debilitating consequences, no matter the severity. Our team has the skill, focus, and experience you need to take on the at-fault party.

Recovering Compensation for Your Burn Injuries

Burn injuries often result in expensive medical bills and necessitate a lengthy recovery time, which may cause you to miss time from work. As a result, it’s imperative for you to recover money from the at-fault party to compensate you for these factors. Even seemingly minor burns, such as a first-degree burn, can become infected if not treated properly. Third-degree burns can take years of treatment to heal.

Your lawyer will take care of seeking compensation from the at-fault party so you can focus on recovery. Nevertheless, it’s still helpful to understand the moving parts involved in this type of case. In short, anyone who played a role in your accident could be held liable for the resulting damage, including the psychological effects of your injuries. The following groups could be held responsible:

  • Transit companies
  • Building or property owners
  • Motorists, bicyclists, or pedestrians
  • Employers of negligent parties
  • Government agencies
  • General contractors on a construction site
  • Companies that manufactured or sold a defective product

These claims are often based in negligence, which is defined as the failure to exercise reasonable care under a particular set of circumstances. In this case, a victim must show that the defendant had a duty of care, breached the duty of care, and caused the victim’s injuries and damages. If you believe someone else is to blame for your burn injury, consider partnering with an experienced personal injury attorney to protect your rights.

Contact a Knowledgeable Palo Alto Burn Injury Lawyer at Danko Meredith

If you’ve sustained a burn injury at the fault of your employer, a business establishment, landlord, or another party, you may be entitled to seek compensation for injury-related damages. That’s where we come in. At Danko Meredith, our Palo Alto burn injury lawyers will not only seek compensation from the at-fault party, but we’ll work with medical professionals who specialize in treating burn injuries to determine your future burn injury treatment needs and put together a comprehensive life care plan to recover the cost of treatment from the at-fault party.

Danko Meredith was named one of the Best Law Firms in America by US News & World Report, and our practiced attorneys are continuously listed among California’s best. Our lawyers have years of experience helping victims of severe second-and third-degree burns and are committed to fighting for your rights. No matter the intricacy or magnitude of your case, we’ll delegate our full attention to you and your family. For a free consultation, give us a call at (650) 453-3600 or complete our contact form today.