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California Pharmaceutical Injury Attorney

Key Takeaways About Pharmaceutical Injury in California

  • Drug manufacturers, driven by profit, often downplay or conceal prescription drug risks and side effects, potentially endangering patients.
  • Seeking legal help is essential if you’ve been harmed by a defective drug. Danko Meredith Trial Lawyers offer expert guidance and pursue compensation for such cases, ensuring you get the support needed to seek justice.
  • In California, drug manufacturers must test and warn about all risks; failure to do so can result in liability. Victims of defective drugs generally have two years to file a claim under California’s product liability laws.
  • If you’ve been impacted by pharmaceutical injuries, don’t hesitate to reach out to our attorneys for a free consultation. Secure the legal assistance you need and explore your options for seeking justice and compensation.

The FDA approves a new drug each and every week. The drug maker then markets its product as a means of managing a medical condition.  And while most new drugs are effective, they are not all safe.  In their quest for profit, drug manufacturers often downplay the drug’s true risks and side effects.  Sometimes, they conceal those risks from the FDA and from the public altogether.

When a patient is injured by a drug, it often turns out that, had the drug maker disclosed the drug’s true risks, the doctor would never have prescribed the drug in first place.

If you have suffered injuries or serious side effects due to a defective or dangerous drug, contact Danko Meredith Trial Lawyers today to discuss your case, and whether you may be eligible for compensation for your damages.

Why Choose Our California Drug Injury Lawyers?

  • We’ve handled hundreds of cases arising from pharmaceutical injuries
  • We provide each case personal attention
  • We have the resources to finance any legal battle
  • We have a reputation for taking cases to court and winning.
  • We have a long history of case successes.

Concerned about the safety of prescription drugs? If you’ve experienced harm from a defective medication, reach out to our California pharmaceutical attorney today for expert guidance on your legal options and potential compensation. Give us a call for a free consultation 650-453-3600.

When to Call a Pharmaceutical Injury Attorney

If you or a loved one has been harmed by a prescription drug, contact a pharmaceutical injury lawyer to find out whether the drug is dangerous or defective such that the manufacturer should be held responsible.  Hiring a lawyer can level the playing field and improve your odds of securing a fair settlement from a drug manufacturer.

Dangerous Drug Laws in California

Drug manufacturers are supposed to thoroughly test their drugs and warn of all the drug’s dangers and risks.  If the drug manufacturer fails to warn the prescribing doctors of the true nature of the drug’s risks and side effects, it could be liable to the user for the harm that results.

Drugs are subject to California’s product liability laws.  That means you generally have two years to file your claim from the time you realize that your injury or illness was caused by a drug. Your lawsuit does not have to describe how the manufacturer was negligent. Strict product liability laws mean the drug maker can be held liable for your damages as long as your lawyer proves that the drug was defective or that it failed to carry the appropriate warnings, without regard to the manufacturer’s negligence.

How to Bring a Pharmaceutical Injury Claim in California

If you believe a drug maker should be responsible for a side effect, contact an attorney experienced in pharmaceutical injuries for a consultation. A California drug injury lawyer can review your case, help you determine the right defendant, and file your claim within the applicable statute of limitation. Your lawyer can then help you negotiate a fair settlement or, if necessary, take your case to court.

Speak to an Experienced California Pharmaceutical Injury Lawyer Today

Talk to the Bay Area personal injury lawyers at Danko Meredith about your pharmaceutical injury as soon as possible. Immediately launching a product liability claim can improve your odds of successfully securing compensation. We have years of experience representing clients in California and throughout the US by unsafe or defective drugs. We may be able to help bring to justice the drug manufacturer who is responsible for your injury. Start the legal process with a free consultation with one of our pharmaceutical injury lawyers. Send us a message or call us at (650) 453-3600 today.