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Robinson Helicopter Crashes and Post-Crash Fires Lawyer

Robinson helicopters are responsive, fun to fly, and relatively inexpensive for owners to maintain. Flight schools love them because they are cheap to operate. Unfortunately, the Robinson rotor system is prone to a phenomenon known as “mast bumping,” which is usually fatal for all aboard. And the Robinson R44 is prone to post-crash fires such that occupants burn to death in mishaps that would be otherwise survivable. If you or a loved one has been injured in a Robinson helicopter crash in California or any of the western states, contact our lawyers for a free consultation.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our lawyers and the investigators with whom we work are committed to uncovering the truth about an accident, as well as finding the proof to show a judge or jury.
  • Our law firm has years of experience successfully resolving all sorts of helicopter accidents. We have obtained millions of dollars on behalf of clients.
  • Our lawyers charge for their services only if they win the case. You will pay for your lawyer only if you obtain a settlement or verdict.

When to Contact an Aviation Accident Attorney

It’s important to get an aviation attorney on board quickly after an accident before important evidence disappears. While the NTSB preserves the helicopter wreckage for a brief time after the crash, after that, it may be destroyed. An aviation lawyer can get investigators to the crash site before the site is disturbed, and can hire experts and have the experts examine the wreckage before it is discarded.

Types of Robinson Helicopter Crashes

The Robinson R44 is the most popular civilian helicopter in the world. The Robinson R22 isn’t far behind. But the helicopters are also among the most dangerous. Because of the Robinson’s unique design, crashes typically involve rotor blades peeling apart, rotor blades slicing through cockpits and tail booms while in flight, in-flight separation of the rotor hub from the mast, and post-crash fires. The post-crash fires can occur after even low-impact events such as dynamic rollovers.

How to Obtain Justice and Compensation

If you’ve been injured in a Robinson Crash due to its design, you may be able to recover compensation and force change for the benefit of others through a product liability claim. Not only do such claims bring about engineering improvements, but can result in money to pay medical costs, and to compensate you for lost wages and for the pain and suffering resulting from your injures

Contact Us for a Free Case Review

Danko Meredith Trial Lawyers has decades of experience handling helicopter accident cases. We know how to get to the bottom of what caused the accident or the injury and who might be responsible. Contact us today to schedule a free case review with an experienced California airplane accident attorney.