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California Utility Fire Attorney

California utility companies owe to the public a duty to be careful in installing, inspecting, maintaining, and operating their facilities. The failure to discharge that duty is negligence. When a utility’s negligence results in a fire or explosion, the utility is responsible for the resulting harm.

That law requiring utilities to protect the public is clear. Yet utility companies such as PG&E continue to cause explosion and fires throughout the state. In just the past few years, PG&E fires have caused hundreds of wrongful deaths, thousands of injuries, and billions of dollars in property damage. Most recently, PG&E ignited the Dixie Fire, one of the largest in California’s history. For help with your claim arising from a utility explosion or fire, contact Danko Meredith, Trial Lawyers.


Why Select Our Utility Wildfire Attorneys?

  • We’ve represented thousands of victims of utility fires.
  • We have a proven record against utilities and other large corporations. We are not intimidated by large corporations or their massive legal teams, and we force them into court when necessary to obtain for our clients the compensation they deserve.
  • We work with clients under a contingency fee agreement. The client pays the lawyer only if the lawyer is successful in obtaining an award of compensation for the client’s injury.

Why Do Utility Fires Happen?

Given California’s long history of utility fires, the causes are no mystery. They are almost always the result of the utility placing corporate profits over the safety of the public, by:

  • Failing to properly install gas pipelines or power lines
  • Failing to properly inspect utility equipment
  • Lack of proper utility maintenance
  • Poor quality repairs
  • Hiring poorly trained or irresponsible outside contractors
  • Failing to properly trim vegetation away from powerlines after raising money from ratepayers for that purpose
  • Failing to turn off power in dry, extremely windy conditions

A utility company is legally obligated to operate its facilities safely and to prevent fires. If you’ve lost your home in a utility fire, talk to an attorney experienced in utility fire cases.

Our Utility Fire Case Experience

Danko Meredith, Trial Lawyers have represented thousands of California wildfires victims, winning substantial recoveries for our clients. We’ve represented victims of the San Bruno natural gas explosion, the Butte wildfire, the North Bay Fires, the Camp Fire, and the Thomas Fire. Our fire lawyers understand exactly how to navigate the utility fire case and how to deal with insurance companies.

Call Our California Utility Fire Lawyers for a Free Consultation

California is, unfortunately, no stranger to utility-related fires. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries in a fire that you suspect may be the result of utility company negligence, contact us to speak to a California wildfire lawyer. Call (650) 453-3600 today to request a free consultation with a Bay Area personal injury lawyer.

Our law firm takes wildfire cases all over Northern California, including Calaveras County, Plumas County, Tehama County, Lassen County, Shasta County, San Francisco, Napa, Sonoma County, Butte County,  Sacramento, Greenville, Quincy and Chico.