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Redwood City Burn Injury Attorney

Burn injuries can be physically devastating.  But they can also be devastating emotionally. A burn survivor may suffer flashbacks or other symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, including anxiety and depression. If you or someone you love has suffered severe burn injuries in an explosion, fire, car accident, workplace accident, or under other circumstances, contact our personal injury attorneys. We offer free consultations with an experienced Redwood City burn injury lawyer.

Why Choose Us?

  • We have secured more than $50 million in settlements and verdicts clients with burn injuries.
  • We have successfully handled cases involving burns resulting from gas explosions, electrical fires, car accidents, and plane and helicopter crashes.
  • We understand that burn injury rehabilitation is a full-time job.
  • We operate on a contingency fee basis, so our burn injury clients pay fees only if we win a recovery.

Do You Need a Burn Injury Lawyer?

The insurance carrier for those responsible for the burn injury will frequently approach the victim or his family soon after the accident offering to settle the victim’s legal claim.  It’s seldom in the burn survivor’s best interest to negotiate with the party responsible without the help of a lawyer. A lawyer with burn injury experience knows what type of compensation the burn survivor is entitled to, and can help make sure the survivor is compensated for all the damages the survivor has suffered and is likely to suffer going forward.

Complications Related to Burn Injuries

The skin is the body’s largest organ.   One of the skin’s most important functions is to regulate body temperature and hydration levels. So burn survivors face risks associated with overexertion and overheating.  And thermal, electrical and chemical burns can damage not just the skin, but the tendons and ligaments that lie beneath the skin, leading to a limited range of motion. Other complications include:

  • Medically-induced coma
  • Infection
  • Medical amputation
  • Hypothermia
  • Low blood volume
  • Destruction of sweat glands
  • Kidney failure
  • Loss of skin pigmentation
  • Joint and tendon pain and stiffness
  • Scars and scar revision surgeries
  • Debridement
  • Relentless itching

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