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$2.3M Settlement

The air ambulance was a twin-engine fixed wing turboprop with four aboard.  Thirteen minutes into the flight, the pilot reported to air traffic control that he smelled smoke in the cockpit.  A fire had started beneath a circuit breaker panel mounted on the cockpit floor between the pilot and co-pilot seats.  The crew began...
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$2.9M Jury Verdict

A professional pilot was flying his helicopter over rough terrain when the turbine engine stopped and the helicopter crashed. The pilot survived the crash but injured his back. The facility that had last overhauled the engine claimed that it was the pilot who caused the crash by failing to check the oil level in...
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$12M Settlement

An air ambulance helicopter crashed when one of the main rotor blades came apart in flight. The three-person crew was killed. The rotor blades were made of composite materials that were almost entirely consumed in the post-crash fire. Government investigators worked for more than a year but, with little evidence available, never determined why...
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$9.5M Settlement

Plaintiff suffered burns while escaping from a fuel-fed fire. She remembered little of the sudden fire or her subsequent treatment and rehabilitation, which resulted in what her medical providers deemed a good recovery. Because plaintiff recalled little of her experience, she was unable to meaningfully assist us in the preparation of her case. And...
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$14.9M Jury Verdict

September 12, 2019 Posted In
The pilot of a Beechcraft was forced to crash-land in a vineyard because the engine came apart in cruise flight. His 44-year-old passenger suffered serious head injuries. Government investigators concluded that the engine came apart because the mechanic who performed the last cylinder change failed to tighten crucial hold-down nuts. The mechanic, who was...
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