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$2.9M Jury Verdict

Gas leaked from a service line buried beneath a busy street. The gas found its way into nearby homes, where it ignited. The explosion killed two and burned three. PG&E blamed a contractor who struck the service line with a backhoe during a sewer repair project some months earlier. We proved that the contractor...
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$9.5M Settlement

Plaintiff suffered burns while escaping from a fuel-fed fire. She remembered little of the sudden fire or her subsequent treatment and rehabilitation, which resulted in what her medical providers deemed a good recovery. Because plaintiff recalled little of her experience, she was unable to meaningfully assist us in the preparation of her case. And...
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$20M Settlement

Our client was walking along the sidewalk on her lunch break. An underground electrical vault exploded, blowing off a manhole cover and burning her severely. We filed a lawsuit against the electrical company on her behalf; she faced months of medical treatment and rehabilitation. Normally a case of this kind would take two years...
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