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San Mateo Personal Injury Lawyer

A serious personal injury can have a profound and lasting effect on an accident victim. Catastrophic injuries can result in financial struggles, emotional challenges, and a diminished quality of life. The victim’s family may also suffer. At Danko Meredith Trial Lawyers, we stand up for the rights of those injured due to the carelessness or wrongful conduct of another.

We work hard in and out of the courtroom to obtain compensation that helps the accident victim and their family members move forward. Speak with an experienced San Mateo personal injury attorney by sending us a message or call (650) 453-3600. We offer a free initial consultation to get your case started.


Why Choose Our Legal Services?

  • We have achieved outstanding results for past clients, including a $50 million judgment for the death of a child, a $20 million settlement for burn injures suffered in an electrical explosion, and a $14.9 million verdict for head injuries suffered in an airplane accident.
  • We take complex cases to trial and win. Our San Mateo personal injury attorneys bring decades of trial law experience.
  • We believe in holding wrongdoers accountable for the injuries they cause. We believe that a lawsuit can take the profit out of wrongful conduct, encouraging the wrongdoer to behave responsibly in the future, and perhaps thereby sparing others from the same injury.

What Types of Damages Can Be Recovered?

California’s personal injury law empowers accident victims to obtain fair compensation from those who caused or contributed to their injuries. Compensation can cover medical care bills, lost wages, rehabilitation expenses, and the costs of home modifications necessary to accommodate the victim’s injuries.

Compensation can also cover the pain and emotional distress the accident victim has experienced and will experience in the future. It can make up for the inability to participate in activities such as sports, music, gardening, or other hobbies. Personal injury compensation aims to return the injured person as closely as possible to the position he was in before the accident.

Common Types of Injury Cases in San Mateo

Our trial law firm represents individuals in almost all types of personal injury claims. We have successfully handled lawsuits involving:

To find out if we might be able to represent you in your case, contact us for a free consultation. We will listen to the details of your specific accident and let you know if we think you have grounds for a claim.

How Much Does a Personal Injury Attorney Charge?

At Danko Meredith, Trial Lawyers, we take cases on a contingency fee basis. There are no upfront fees or costs of any kind, and our clients pay our fees only if we win the case. When we win, we deduct our fee percentage directly from the settlement so that the clients do not have to pay out of pocket.

Our San Mateo personal injury lawyers understand that accident victims often find themselves under sudden financial hardship, so we strive to make legal representation affordable for everyone.

The Time Limit of Filing an Injury Claim in California

If you believe you have grounds for a personal injury claim, you should keep in mind the statute of limitations. Missing your deadline generally means giving up the right to seek damages, as the courts won’t hear a case after the statute of limitations has passed.

In California, you usually have two years from the date of your injury to file your claim. If the date on which you discovered your injuries differs from the accident date, you will generally have two years from the date of discovery. Note, however, that the deadline to file can be as short as six months if the defendant is a government agency.

Determining the particular statute of limitations that applies depends on the specific facts of the case and can be tricky. It’s best to consult accident attorneys experienced in California personal injury law.

Proving Negligence in a San Mateo Injury Case

For a case to succeed, the plaintiff must prove each of the four elements that make up a personal injury claim.

  • Duty — The plaintiff must prove that defendant owed plaintiff a “duty of care” — an obligation to conduct himself so as to not cause plaintiff harm. Whether defendant owes a duty of care depends on the circumstances of the accident and on the defendant’s relationship to the plaintiff or to the group of potential victims to which the plaintiff belongs.
  • Breach — The plaintiff must prove that the defendant breached the duty of care owed to the plaintiff by an act or omission that was negligent, careless, reckless, or intentional. A plaintiff may prove a breach of duty by showing that the defendant did something that, under the circumstances, a reasonably careful person would not have done, or failed to do something that a reasonably careful person would have done.
  • Causation — The plaintiff must show that it was the defendant’s breach of duty that caused plaintiff’s injuries. Even if defendant breached a duty care owed plaintiff, if the breach did not cause or contribute to the accident or plaintiff’s injuries, the defendant cannot be held liable.
  • Damages — Finally, the plaintiff must have suffered damages in the accident that the law recognizes and allows compensation for. Damages can include (among other things) physical pain and suffering, emotional distress, property damage, medical bills, or lost income.

Evidence of each of these elements lay the groundwork for a serious injury claim. But the evidence that establishes each element is seldom apparent from the outset. An attorney must build the case by researching the legal precedent, interviewing witnesses, and subpoenaing documents. Your San Mateo personal injury attorney can handle these aspects of your claim while you focus on healing.

What Do I Need to Know Before Calling an Attorney?

Before you make your first phone call to an injury attorney, gather information and documents relating to your accident and injuries. Your lawyer would like to see a police report, if one is available, medical records, and any letters you received from any insurance companies. The more information you have about who or what caused your accident, the better.

While having plenty of information at hand can help an attorney give you an honest and accurate evaluation, all you really need is to be prepared to relate what happened and describe how your injuries are impacting your life. Your truthful account can be enough to give the attorney an idea of whether you have a valid claim and what the next steps should be. If the attorney accepts the case, the law firm can conduct a full investigation of your accident to gather the necessary evidence. Even if all you have is your story, contact a personal injury lawyer in San Mateo county for counsel.

Do I Have to Go to Trial in a Personal Injury Case?

Not all personal injury cases go to trial. In fact, the majority of injury claims settle during pretrial negotiations. However, if the insurance company or other defendant denies the claim or refuses to agree to a settlement that is fair, the case may need to go to trial if you are to obtain the compensation to which you are entitled. This is why it’s best to hire an attorney with trial experience right from the start.

Contact a San Mateo Personal Injury Lawyer

The Bay Area personal injury attorneys at Danko Meredith have the experience, skill, and resources to maximize your chances of obtaining fair compensation from an injury claim arising anywhere in Northern California, including Redwood City and the San Francisco Bay Area. We have the commitment to see your case through to the end. Our attorneys will fight aggressively for a fair award, no matter what type of accident or injuries you or your loved ones suffered. We will start work on your case with a free consultation at our San Mateo county law office. Contact us today to schedule yours.