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Should I Hire a Public Adjuster?

September 11, 2023 Posted In

Not Everyone Will Benefit from Using a Public Insurance Adjuster  

If you or someone you love has been affected by the Maui Fires, insurance is probably the last thing you want to deal with, and you may be wondering if you should just hire a public adjuster to deal with the insurance company. While public insurance adjusters can be helpful in navigating the complexities of an insurance claim, their services may not be right for all Maui Fire insurance policyholders. Before you hire a public adjuster, make sure you really need one.

Straightforward Claims

For policyholders with straightforward claims that do not involve significant damages or complex issues, hiring a public adjuster may not be necessary. In these cases, the claims process can be handled independently, saving the policyholder from incurring additional expenses associated with hiring an adjuster.

Cost Considerations

Public adjusters typically charge a percentage of the settlement amount as their fee, often ranging from 10% to 20%. For policyholders with smaller claims or limited financial resources, the cost of hiring a public adjuster might outweigh the benefits received. In such situations, it may be more prudent to handle the claim directly or seek guidance from the insurance company’s claims department.

Limited Additional Benefits

Some insurance policies already provide policyholders with access to in-house or independent claims adjusters who can assist throughout the claims process. In these cases, employing a public adjuster may lead to redundancy, as the services they offer may not significantly enhance the outcome or compensation received. You should check with your insurance company to find out if it provides you with access to a claims adjuster.

Strong Relationship with the Insurance Company

Policyholders who have a good relationship with their insurance company or have had previous positive experiences with their claims department may feel confident in handling the process directly. If a policyholder feels that the insurance company has been fair and transparent in the past, involving a public adjuster may not be necessary.

Time Constraints

While public adjusters can alleviate the time-consuming aspects of the claims process, some policyholders may prefer to invest the time themselves, especially if they have the availability and are comfortable navigating the process. This option may be more suitable for individuals who prefer to maintain control over their own claim and do not mind dedicating the time and effort required.

Personal Preference

Ultimately, hiring a public adjuster is a personal decision. Some policyholders may prefer to handle the claims process independently, feeling more in control and involved in the resolution of their claim. These individuals may possess the knowledge and confidence necessary to communicate effectively with the insurance company and advocate for themselves.

Who Would Benefit the Most from Hiring a Public Insurance Adjuster?

In our experience of working with thousands of fire victims, the clients who had large, complex cases tended to benefit the most from hiring a public insurance adjuster.  However, many survivors with relatively ordinary claims arising from a lost home often regret the decision to hire a public adjuster because the costs outweighed the benefits.

Bottom Line

While public adjusters can be invaluable resources for some policyholders, their services may not be suitable or beneficial for everyone. Straightforward claims, cost considerations, existing claims assistance, a strong relationship with the insurance company, time constraints, and individual preferences are all factors that should be carefully considered before deciding to hire a public adjuster. While it can be tempting to just hand over your insurance claim to an insurance adjuster, especially immediately after a fire when the insured is feeling vulnerable and overwhelmed, it is important for Maui Fire policyholders to assess their unique circumstances and make an informed decision that aligns with their needs, resources, and comfort level when navigating the insurance claims process. If you are a Maui Wildfire survivor and want to speak with an experienced Hawaiian wildfire attorney, please call Mālama Law Group: (808) 215-7833. We can help you decide if hiring a Public Insurance Adjuster is the right choice for you.

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