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Speaking out against dangerous products and corporations that place profits over safety

Two Danko Meredith Lawyers Named Among Top 100 Super Lawyers for 2016

July 19, 2016
San Francisco Magazine
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Plaintiff Magazine profiles Kristine Meredith

May, 2016
Plaintiff Magazine
“All the preparation in the world means little if a trial lawyer is unable to connect with the jury.”

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San Francisco Chronicle asks Mike Danko about Report Blaming PG&E for Butte Fire

April 29, 2016
San Francisco Chronicle
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Sorting Through the Rubble

February 2016
Trial Magazine
Kristine Meredith writes about infrastructure cases and the NTSB

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Wrongful Death Suit Against PG&E in Connection with Butte Fire

October 29, 2015
Calaveras Enterprise
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Lufthansa Offer Outrages Families

July 31, 2015
CNN Money
“Lufthansa’s ‘plan’ for long term support of families is window dressing.”
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Three Danko Meredith Lawyers Named Northern California Super Lawyers for 2015

July 27, 2015
San Francisco Magazine
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Germanwings Crash Settlements Likely to Vary By Passenger Nationality

March 29, 2015
New York Times
Danko explains that Montreal Convention’s liability caps will not protect airline
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Eddie Andreini Air Show Crash: Danko Meredith Files Lawsuit Against the Air Force

March 12, 2015
KTVU asks about our lawsuit against the US Air Force; Danko says firemen weren’t ready

Eddie Andreini Air Show Crash

Record $13 million verdict against aircraft mechanic in Napa crash

March 3, 2015
Napa Valley Register
Jury finds that mechanic lied about maintenance, disagrees with NTSB’s conclusion that crash was caused by pilot error
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AirAsia Flight 8501: Families’ Right to Compensation Subject to International Treaties

December 31, 2014
Danko expects offers to exceed Warsaw Convention limits
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Air Force documents don’t explain why it took so long for trucks to roll towards Andreini crash

December 4, 2014
Half Moon Bay Review
Danko says fire trucks should have been rolling within seconds
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Firm makes claim against US Government on behalf of Hall of Fame Pilot’s Family

July 17, 2014
Sacramento Bee
“Had the fire trucks responded as they were supposed to, Eddie would be alive today.”
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Intel Agrees to Pay on the First Day of Trial

July 16, 2014
The Recorder
Danko says easy claims procedure was key concession
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Three Danko Meredith Lawyers Named Northern California Super Lawyers for 2014

July 16, 2014
San Francisco Magazine
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Malaysia Airlines Obliged to Pay

March 15, 2014
The Malay Mail
Danko says Malaysia Airlines Must Compensate Flight 307 Families Regardless of Fault
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Asiana Airlines Fined $500,000

February 25, 2014
NBC Bay Area News
Danko says Asiana Airlines failed to Meet Victims’ Needs
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Key Factors in Lawsuits Following New York Train Crash

December 5, 2013
Chicago Tribune
Danko says fight will involve whether federal regulations apply
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PG&E Agrees to Settle Firm’s San Bruno Explosion Cases

September 10, 2013
Bloomberg News
Danko says “PG&E finally agreed to pay some numbers that made sense for the victims.”
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The Crash of Asiana Flight 214 and the Montreal Convention

September 1, 2013
Plaintiff Magazine

“Under the Montreal Convention, an airline is not liable for a passenger’s emotional distress, regardless of how severe, unless the passenger has suffered a bodily injury.”
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Trial Against PG&E Possible After Lawyer Pulls Out of Settlement Talks

August 23, 2013
Mercury News
“We have advised the mediator we have opted out of the global settlement process and are ready to proceed to trial," Danko said.
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Mike Danko Named Top 100  Second Year in a Row

July 16, 2013
San Francisco Magazine
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Asiana Airlines Flight 214: Passenger Lawsuits

July 16, 2013
Christian Science Monitor
Danko explains why some passengers seeking compensation will face long odds.
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Kristine Meredith Named to Lead National Aviation Law Group

July 15, 2013
American Association for Justice
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Danko Discusses Compensation Disparity for Victims of Asiana Flight 214

July 14, 2013
Boston Globe

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Wall Street Journal Asks Mike Danko About Asiana Flight 214 Litigation

July 8, 2013
Wall Street Journal

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Plaintiff Magazine Profiles Mike Danko

March 2013
Plaintiff Magazine

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NPR Asks Mike Danko About 9/11 Lawsuit

September 11, 2012
NPR Marketplace
Easier to Sue Airlines than the TSA
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NBC Asks Mike Danko About Hazards of Night Vision Goggles Installed in Nation’s EMS Helicopter Fleet

August 11, 2012
NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit
“Danko believes the FAA has failed to protect the public”
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A Coach’s Liability for Injuries to Athletes

August 2012
Trial Magazine
Kristine Meredith Looks at the Assumption of the Risk Defense
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Mike Danko named “Top 100” Super Lawyer

July 6, 2012
San Francisco Magazine
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NTSB Meeting “Bigger” than Air Races

January 9, 2012
USA Today
Without real FAA oversight, some air shows become “cowboy operations.”
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Jury Returns $10 Million Wrongful Death Verdict

December 1, 2011
High Desert Daily Press
Victorville jury renders verdict for widow of helicopter crash victim
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Howell v. Hamilton Meats

November 2011
Plaintiff Magazine

“. . .the most significant decision for personal injury plaintiffs since Li v. Yellow Cab”
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Reno Air Races Crash Beyond the Scope of FAA Safety Precautions

October 2, 2011
Reno Gazette-Journal

Mike Danko says safety protocol based on flawed premise; lulls public into false sense of security
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Reno Crash A Turning Point for Air Races

September 23, 2011
The Sacramento Bee
“Air shows should stop,” said Mike Danko . . .”The loss of life isn’t worth the benefits.”   
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Experts: Multiple Groups Could Be Targets of Reno Air Race Lawsuits

September 20, 2011
Reno Gazette Journal
“Should [spectators] be allowed to be in such close proximity to these aircraft when they are being pushed to their design limits?”
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Reno Crash Underscores Safety Concerns

September 17, 2011
Los Angeles Times
“This would not be the first time a trim tab snapped off a P-51 during a Reno race,”  Danko said.  An accident involving spectators was “just a matter of time.”
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Supreme Court’s Decision in Howell v. Hamilton Meats

August 19, 2011
The Recorder
“It’s definitely a dark day for the injured,” declared San Mateo personal injury attorney Michael Danko. . .”There’s no two ways about it, the opinion takes money from the pockets of injured person who has paid for insurance premiums and puts that money right into the pockets of the people who have caused the injury.”
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The Public Reacts to PG&E Blaming San Bruno Victims

July 14, 2011

Mike Danko named 2011 Northern California Super Lawyer

August 8, 2011
San Francisco Magazine
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Representing Victims of Dangerous or Defective Prescription Drugs: A Primer

June 2011
Plaintiff Magazine
“The question will be whether the manufacturer accurately disclosed all that it knew about [the drug’s] risks or whether, instead, it downplayed the risks to enhance sales."
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PG&E on Hot Seat at DC Pipeline Hearing

February 25, 2011
San Jose Mercury News

Asking PG&E for help in figuring out what caused the blast is like "asking the fox what happened to the chickens," Danko says.
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San Bruno Blast Victims Struggle to Deal with PG&E Fund

January 13, 2011
San Francisco Examiner
Danko says that PG&E’s failure to compensate victims from fund not surprising.
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EMS Helicopter Crashes Raise Complex Issues

January 2011
Plaintiff Magazine
The EMS helicopter fatal accident rate is “off the charts.”
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Pilots Sued after Crash at Truckee Tahoe Airport

December 25, 2010
Nevada Appeal
Danko said that pilots put their passenger at risk by “trying to save a few bucks on fuel.”
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The Air France Concorde Crash Verdict

December 13, 2010
The San Francisco Daily Journal
“The verdict’s negative effects on aviation safety will persist worldwide for years to come.”

Details in Works for PG&E Trials

December 1, 2010
San Francisco Examiner
Danko says that wherever county is selected, “somebody’s going to be disappointed.”
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San Bruno Fire: Danko Firm Files More Suits Against PG&E

November 12, 2010
San Jose Mercury News
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Danko, Burlingame Firm, Lead Explosion Lawsuit

October 22, 1010
San Francisco Daily Journal

Danko says his firm  “familiar with [PG&E’s] practices.”

Danko Firm Files Six Suits Against PG&E on Behalf of San Bruno Fire Victims

October 21, 2010
San Bruno Patch

“Injuries were a direct result of PG&E’s ‘run-to-failure’ attitude.”
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San Bruno Fire: PG&E Runs Equipment to Failure

September 16, 2010

"A lawyer representing victims of the San Bruno blast has a name for it: 'running to failure.' Mike Danko, who won a case against Pacific Gas & Electric after a deadly gas line explosion in 1992 in Santa Rosa, said utilities use equipment until it fails because it's cheaper than preemptively replacing miles of pipes."
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San Bruno Blast Eerily Similar to Santa Rosa Gas Explosion

September 16, 2010
NBC News
“History has shown us that PG&E does not clean up its act”

San Bruno Blast

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The San Francisco Chronicle asks Mike Danko about fire ignition sources

September 15, 2010
San Francisco Chronicle
“Mike Danko, an attorney in San Mateo who has sued PG&E several times over earlier gas-related issues, said pipeline fires can be started when a small leak travels along the pipeline onto smaller lines and then into a house. There, ignition can happen when a switch is turned on for something such as an air conditioner or a light. The fire then swiftly travels to the original pipeline leak.”
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The Daily Journal asks Mike Danko about San Bruno Blast Victims’ Legal Rights

September 13, 2010
San Francisco Daily Journal

“Danko accused PG&E of operating on a “run-to-failure mentality.”

The New York Times asks Mike Danko about Prop 8 Judge

August 5, 2010
New York Times

“He’s going to pull [your argument] apart straw by straw, piece by piece, and hand it back to you. . ”  
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Kristine Meredith and Mike Danko Named 2010 Northern California Super Lawyers

July 19, 2010
San Francisco Magazine

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A Trial Judge's Approach to Settling Cases: Article by Kristine Meredith and The Honorable John F. Herlihy (ret.)

June 2010
Forum Magazine

"If trial lawyers understood how judges approach settlement, they would view the MSC as an opportunity to resolve their case rather than as an interruption of trial preparation."
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Mike Danko Appears With Yaz Clients

May 27, 2010
CBS 2 Los Angeles
May 25, 2010
CBS 13 Sacramento

"But what Bayer isn't telling us is that the risks associated with Yaz are much grater than the risks associated with the other birth control pills."
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Pilot's Insurer Meets with Palo Alto Residents (Tesla Crash)

February 25, 2010
San Jose Mercury News

". . .Those who lost wages due to Pacific Gas & Electric Company's extended power outage are unlikely to be reimbursed."

Palo Alto Airport Proposes New Routes to Avoid East Palo Alto

February 22, 2010
San Jose Mercury News

". . .The airport can't force pilots to adopt [the new routes].  They can only suggest, and perhaps make it uncomfortable for those who don't comply."

Palo Alto Plane Crash Likely Caused by a Lethal Combination of Factors

February 20, 2010
San Jose Mercury News

". . .It is the most challenging event possible in that aircraft.  If you're incredibly proficient, you might have a chance."

Mike Danko Honored as Attorney of the Year Finalist by California Trial Lawyers Association

November 14, 2009
The Consumer Attorneys of California

". . .Doing what we do, you never know how many lives you will save. . ."
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Editorial: FAA and NTSB Battle Over Aviation Safety

November 13, 2009
San Francisco Daily Journal

". . .The FAA's mandate is not just to regulate aviation, but to 'encourage' it as well.  If that sounds like a built-in conflict of interest, it is."
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Lawsuits Over Birth Control Pills Yaz and Yasmin: 

Mike Danko from the Danko Law Firm and James T. O’Reilly, Professor of Law at University of Cincinnati College of Law, look at the basis for the litigation, the reported side affects, the FDA’s role, Bayer’s continued marketing campaign and the pending federal lawsuit.
October 30, 2009
Legal Talk Network

". . .What they continue to conceal, even in this corrective advertising, is that the drug is more dangerous than other competing drugs but is no more effective."
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Legal Challenges Pile Up Against Yaz

October 23, 2009
San Francisco Daily Journal

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Susan Galinis Tells Her Yaz Story

October 19, 2009
ABC San Francisco

"If there's any way we can force Bayer to take this drug off the market, we're going to do it."
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PG&E's Aging Underground Problem

July 16, 2009
NBC Bay Area News
". . .They're just time bombs under the street."
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Liability in Yemenia Airways Crash May Extend to Los Angeles

July 8, 2009
The National Law Journal
". . .The theory would be that the leasing company gave an aircraft to an airline that it knew was not capable of operating it safely."
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Compensating The Families Of Air France Flight 447 

June 5, 2009
". . .To avoid liability, the airline must prove a negative."
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Mike Danko and His Client, Susan Crane, Testify Before State Legislature About The Dangers of Old Tires  

April 20, 2009
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